About Horn & Silver Spanish Jewelry Designer Taller Moure

Lourdes Fernandez-Grattan, Spanish Silver Jewelry DesignerLourdes Fernandez-Grattan of the established interior design firm L Studio Inc. has expanded her reach to include the art of jewelry design. Creating on a more intimate scale has afforded her the opportunity to tap deeper into her creative talents and reach a wider audience. The medium may be different, but the design philosophy remains the same: To continue pushing the boundaries of design by melding classical and modern elements to arrive at unique and bold solutions. When it came time to christen her new endeavor, the Cuban born Fernandez-Grattan was inspired by her Spanish heritage and Taller Moure was born.

Her designs develop constantly but do not follow trends too closely, as to remain classic and timeless, an approach learned from years of designing interior spaces. The goal is to create pieces that will last. This distinctive style is marked by clean lines and pure elements found in nature then highlighted with accents of Sterling Silver. Examples of these astonishing compositions are present in all the lines, but particularly stunning in the Cacho collection.These striking and exceptional jewels are the perfect accessories to any wardrobe.

Not only is Fernandez-Grattan the architect of this tour de force, she enjoys working closely with her team and supervises the manufacturing of these handmade jewels at her studio based in Miami, Fl. to guarantee the quality of the finished product.